The Green House MN Poinsettias

Green House Poinsettias for the 2021 Holiday Season in Minnesota

The Green House Poinsettias are filling the greenhouse with color for the 2021 holiday season in Minnesota! We have been watching them color up noticeably on a daily basis, ever since the first sign of color in the second week of October. It has been a long process starting with the planting in early August, then pinching them to make them branch, watering, fertilizing, and spacing them out. These beautiful plants come in white, pink, marble (white with pink zoning), speckled, and many different shades, as well as the most popular, red. Interestingly enough, the color that we see in Poinsettia flower petals derives from modified leaves called bracts, and the flower is actually the little berry-like thing we see in the center.

Are poinsettias poisonous?

Some people have heard that poinsettias are poisonous, and this is NOT true. Poinsettias have sap in the leaves and stems that are similar to latex in their consistency, and they have a slightly bitter taste. Poinsettias may be mildly toxic, but they are hardly ever serious or fatal. An animal or child, on first taste, would not continue to ingest them.

Why should I buy poinsettias from a local Minnesota greenhouse rather than a big box store?

We often see poinsettias in big box stores that are wilted or broken, and they often don’t survive long into the holiday season. This does a HUGE disservice to these beautiful plants. Be sure to shop local this holiday season, and stop in at The Green House and select a fresh, well cared for poinsettia from thousands grown right in our own greenhouses!

The Green House Winter Hours

Our main Carlton Green House is open for the winter season: 8am – 4pm Monday thru Friday. Starting Nov. 27th thru Dec. 18th, Carlton will also be open Saturdays from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Please note that our Carlton location is closed on Thanksgiving, Nov. 25th.

Our Aitkin Green House location will also be open Tuesday through Saturday 9am -5pm starting November 23rd and running until December 22nd. Please note that our Aitkin location is also closed on Thanksgiving, Nov. 25th.