Preparing for the 2021 Gardening Season in Duluth

The Green House Prepares for the 2021 Gardening Season in Duluth while Reflecting on the 2020 Season

Spring of 2020 was undoubtedly the most unusual one ever. In March, the COVID-19 issue reached the point where the shelter in place directive was implemented. At the same time, greenhouses and garden centers were placed on the essential business list. This resulted in people streaming in our door to pick up all of their gardening needs.

the green house of carlton interior

We posted social distancing reminders, hand sanitizers, and face coverings by employees were implemented. Our sales season essentially started May 5 of 2020, and in one month, The Green House essentially became empty! Many who waited until the “normal” planting season were disappointed that inventory levels were very low. Since sales were early in the season, by late May the product that was left was what was planned for June sales, meaning the plants were small, having not grown to the desired size yet.

Preparing for the 2021 Gardening Season

This brings us to 2021. The Green House is excited to be your one-stop-shop for all of your plants and gardening supplies. For 2021, we’re anticipating a busy gardening season in Duluth, Carlton, Cloquet, Aitkin, McGregor, and surrounding areas. With very few exceptions, whatever you may find at The Green House, is grown right here in our own greenhouses. The majority of our customers come into the greenhouse to shop for plants for patio containers, flower beds or vegetable gardens in May or June. Much time and effort goes into providing the high-quality, healthy plants you buy. We’re excited for a busy year, and we’re here to provide you with all of your gardening needs.

All indications are that the COVID-19 pandemic most likely will still be an issue for this coming season. Our plan is that all customers will be required to wear face-coverings before entering the greenhouses, and they will be checked by an infrared thermometer. No doubt some may feel inconvenienced but customer & employee safety is of primary concern. We have ramped up our production plan to maximize production space so that as few as possible will be disappointed by not having the product they want.

Our Recommendation for this Spring is to Buy Early

Even if you can’t yet plant, bring the plants in at night and out again when day temp warms up. Don’t leave them in a dark garage for a long period as plants need light. That way you will be able to have what you want for this growing season. View our plant list to see what’s new for the 2021 Gardening Season. New to gardening in the Duluth, Carlton, Cloquet, Superior, Aitkin, or McGregor areas? Be sure to check out our list of planting classes and sign up for our April courses. Check out this planting calendar to start planning your dream garden. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Interested in Working at The Green House?

Come join our team! Every year, we hire full-time and part-time greenhouse retail staff for almost every location. We have many staff members that return each year, but not all. Many go on to school or have found other employment, so we need new staffers each season. Our retail season goes from roughly May 1 to usually about mid-July. If you like working with plants, talking with fellow gardeners, and enjoy the greenhouse atmosphere, apply today! Hours are flexible, plus employees receive a significant discount on all merchandise. We look forward to hearing from you.