Do You Need to Transplant Potted Plants?

Do You Need to Transplant Potted Plants?

Help your plants thrive by transplanting them after purchase

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a plant is that it can't stay in the little pot you bought it in. The Green House will package your flowers or vegetables in small pots for safe transportation. When you arrive back at home, you'll need to transplant it into your garden or a planter.

Visit The Green House to learn more about transplanting your plants this spring.

5 steps to transplanting flowers and vegetables

The way you transplant your new garden addition will determine how well it adapts to its new home. To give it the help it needs...

  1. Choose the right location. Ask our staff what kind of sunlight and soil your plant needs.
  2. Dig a hole deep enough to cover the roots and slightly wider than the current container.
  3. Remove the plant carefully. Holding the base of the plant, turn the pot upside down and gently tap it until the plant falls out.
  4. Prepare the plant. Loosen the roots by working your fingers into the root ball and aerating the dirt.
  5. Gently put it in the ground. Lower the plant's roots into the hole. Fill in the gaps and pat down the soil.
Once your plant is in the ground, give it a good, long drink. If you have any questions about the process, ask an expert by calling 218-384-4732.